3 plants on a shelf in cover pots

Benefits of using a cover pot

If you are a plant lover and enjoy house plants but have a tough time keeping them alive - I'm talking to you. There are heaps of benefits of using a cover pot, many of which will improve the health of your plants - and make your life easier at the same time!

A cover pot is a decorative pot, used to cover the (less visually appealing) plastic pots that plants normally come in - also known as nursery pots or grower’s pots. These come in standard sizes, and allow you to keep your favourite planties, planted directly into the grower’s pot, instead of planting them directly into a ceramic decorative pot. Once your plant is in the grower’s pot, you then place the growers pot into the cover pot. Now you have an aesthetically pleasing pot for your home, plus a functional pot hidden inside. 

Yes, even if your decorative pot has drainage holes, planting directly into a decorative pot often prohibits your plant from drying out - which can lead to overwatered and unhealthy plants. You can easily lift your plant/growers pot out of the cover pot to inspect for pests or to see if it requires repotting. And of course, by using cover pots across your plant collection, you can easily mix and match plants and pots around your home!

There's no need for a matching saucer, as For My Planties cover pots do not have drainage holes! The water flows out of your plant in the grower’s pot, into the base of the pot and evaporates away. For My Planties cover pots are fully watertight, so you could even fill them part way with water to bottom water your plants or use them for cuttings in water or sphagnum moss. 

Plus, a decorative pot + soil + your plant = way too heavy and awkward to pick up and move every time you want to rearrange your entire apartment or take your plants outside to water them.

Want to have happier, healthier planties? Using a cover pot is an easy first step to a thriving plant collection! Ready for your own cover pot? Check out what's in stock here!