Our Story

Established in 2021, For My Planties is the brainchild of Brisbane based artist, Steff Evans. Her leafy love affair began in 2017 when she moved into a new apartment and became an instant plantie parent to dozens of luscious green potted gifts. Today, her babies occupy the best room in the house; a sun-drenched oasis dedicated to growing stylish and, often rare, indoor planties. Fifty individual offspring, countless succulents, an array of (struggling) herbs - and counting.  

“All I think about is planties. Right, that’s a lie.  I also think about pots. A LOT.” 

A beautiful pot is just as important as the plantie inside it – but falling in love with the right vessel in the correct size, happens less than you think. So, while adventuring in Vietnam, Steff stopped in Hanoi to enroll in a ceramic pottery course to learn how to throw pottery on the wheel. 

“If you think tackling a new skill is tough, try doing it in a language you don’t understand. Then lug a backpack full of pots and saucers from Hanoi to Brisbane! I have never been so careful with carry-on luggage in my life”.

Fast forward to 2020. More wheel throwing, hand building classes and an ever-growing plantie family. Add in a pandemic and Steff’s remarkable talents became both functional and cathartic. Planties do bring people together but so did Steff’s gift for handcrafting richly glazed, one-of-kind pots. When far too many plantie-loving friends asked to buy her bespoke pots-of-art, For My Planties was born.  

This joyful creative hustle has grown as rapidly as Steff's prized Philodendron Micans and For My Planties has become the gifting go-to for plant obsessives.