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For My Planties

The Sage Perfect Pot with black clay base (100mm)

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Colour Description

Outside: Textured shades of sage with sweeping shades of green on the top half, melted onto unglazed black clay on the bottom half. 

Please note, items with a natural (unglazed) finish on the outside may have variations in the colour or finish of the clay. 

Inside: Solid glossy black with drips of green on the inside rim.

Product Description

Cover pot with no drainage hole, to fit 100mm growers pot, includes 1 x 100mm growers pot!

Width - 12.5-13cm 
Height - 12.5-13cm 

There’s a specific walk of shame for peeps who still have their Monstera Adansonii in a black plastic container. Ouch. Fortunately, a beautiful For My Planties “Perfect Pot” will help your precious plantie reach it’s full glorious potential while lifting the energy and personality of the space. We want to give your planties a home as stylish as yours!

If you’ve ever taken a fancy new cover pot home only to find your new plantie doesn’t fit inside, we feel your pain. For My Planties “Perfect Pots” Range respects all the sculptural elements of a healthy plantie by fitting the standard dimensions of nursery/grower’s pots perfectly. Remember, many planties struggle to thrive when planted directly into a ceramic pot. The ceramic interior can prohibit your planties’ soil from drying out which can lead to over-watering. 

For My Planties “Perfect Pots” Range comes without drainage holes and fits standard 100mm grower’s pots. Your green-leafed friends will sit perfectly snug and beautifully transformed!  You’ll also love the clean aesthetic as For My Planties “Perfect Pots” do not  require matching saucers. Plus, the ease of repotting your growing planties is a wild bonus! 

“Perfect Pots” will also treat your planties to improved air flow. And if you change your mind often (like we do) you can swap your planties between “Perfect Pots” for a new look or to rotate for additional sunlight.



Caring for your “Perfect Pot”

For My Planties “Perfect Pots” are suitable for indoors and outdoors. Each one is delicate and turned and glazed by hand, so handle with care.  Carry your “Perfect Pot” by using two hands around the base. Do not carry your “Perfect Pot” by the rim. To clean, simply use a damp cloth and please, do not put your “Perfect Pot” in the dishwasher (we can’t save you from that walk of shame)

“Perfect Pots” have imperfections – by design

All For My Planties “Perfect Pots” are lovingly hand-crafted and boast slight variations in colour, drippy glaze, and not-so-straight rims. Like your planties, no two “Perfect Pots” are the same. And that’s how we like it. Rest assured your “Perfect Pot” will always fit the standard 100mm pot and is water-tight tested.

Every care has been taken to ensure the base of your “Perfect Pot” is as smooth as possible.  Once home, sticky feet can be added to the bottom of your “Perfect Pot” to protect delicate surfaces.  



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